Fried tofu 6.95

- deep fried tofu served with tamarind peanut sauce

Egg Roll 6.95

-Cabbage, bean thread, carrot

Fried Wonton 6.95

-Wonton wrapper filled with ground chicken and served with plum sauce

Pot Sticker 6.95

-Chicken and vegetable dumpling serve with jalapeno soy sauce 

Vietnamese Rolls  7.95

- Tofu, noodles, cucumber and cilantro in a lettuce wrap and rice paper skin

Chicken Satay 

5 pieces 7.95 / 7 pieces 9.95

- Chicken breast marinated in Thai spices, served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Fried Fish cake 7.95

- Served with cucumber relish

Khao Tung 8.95

Crispy rice cake served with ground chicken or tofu in a delightful curry

Angel Wings 8.95

Crispy chicken wings stuffed with noodles and vegetables, served with sweet and spicy sauce

Crab Cheese 7.95

Imitation Crabmeat and cream cheese wrapped in a wonton and served with plum sauce

​Butterfly Shrimp 7.95

Deep fried shrimp served with sweet and spicy sauce

Shrimp in a Blanket 7.95

Shrimp wrapped in a egg roll wrapper served with sweet and spicy sauce


Tom Yum Soup

- Lemongrass soup, tomatoes, mushroom, cilantro and lime juice

with chicken or tofu /cup 6.95 /bowl 9.95 / pot 13.95

with shrimp / cup 7.95 / bowl 11.95 / pot 14.95

with seafood / bowl 12.95 / pot 16.95

Tom Kha Gai Soup

- Coconut milk soup, mushroom, lime juice, tomatoes and cilantro

with chicken or tofu / cup 7.95 / bowl 10.95 / pot 14.95

with shrimp / cup 9.95 / bowl 12.95 / pot 15.95

Mild Rice soup

- Napa cabbage, celeryPeas, carrot and rice simmered in a mild broth

with chicken or tofu / bowl 10.95 / pot 12.95

with shrimp / bowl 11.95 / pot 14.95

Wonton Soup

- wonton wrapper filled with ground chicken and steeped in clear broth with bok choy

bowl  10.95 / pot 13.95 

Kao Lao Beef Soup

-Clear broth with slices of beef and bean sprouts

Bowl 10.95 / pot 13.95

House salad 5.95

Papaya Salad 8.95

-shredded green Papaya ,tomatoes, peanuts and green beans in a chili lime dressing

Krua thai salad 11.95

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, shrimp, chicken with peanuts, mayo mustard dressing

Yum Woon Sen 12.95

-Glass noodles, chicken, shrimp, red onion , tomatoes, cashews over lettuce, chili lime juice dressing

Beef salad 13.95

-Grilled beef, red onion, bell pepper, mint leaves and toasted rice over rice lettuce, chili lime juice dressing

Duck salad 13.95

-Marinated Boneless duck (with skin) in chili lime juice, red onion, ginger , cucumbers ,tomato, bell pepper, mint on lettuce

Yum Khoong 14.95

- Grilled shrimp, lemongrass, red onion, mint leaves and bell pepper, tossed in chili lime juice on lettuce


Choice of Meat: Chicken, Beef , Pork, Tofu or ( Shrimp $2.00 extra)

Pad Thai 12.95

- Rice noodle, egg, bean sprouts, green onions, and peanuts in Pad Thai Sauce

Pad Kee Mao 12.95

-Flat noodle, bell pepper, carrots, and onion in a chili basil sauce

Kai Koar 13.95

- Flat noodle, egg, bean sprouts ,onion, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and peanuts

Chow Mein 12.95

- Pad fried noodles with assorted vegetables

Pad Se Ew 12.95

- Flat noodles, egg, broccoli, and carrots in sweet soy sauce

Singapore Noodle 12.95

- Thin rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, and onion in yellow powder

Rad Nah 12.95

- Flat noodle, broccoli,and carrots in gravy sauce

Stir-Fried Bean Thread 13.95

-Glass noodles sauteed with egg, chicken, shrimp and assorted vegetables

Chicken Noodle Soup 12.95

-Rice noodle in Chicken broth with bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro

Beef Noodle Soup 12.95

- Rice noodle in beef broth with bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro

Duck noodle Soup 13.95

-Boneless Duck in rice noodles and duck broth with bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

with chicken 14.95/ with Shrimp  16.95/ with seafood 17.95

Rice noodles in Tom Yom soup with mushrooms, tomatoes and cilantro


Choice of meat served with a bowl of rice

Meat choices: Chicken, beef , Pork, Tofu or (shrimps $2.00 extra)

Extra Vegetable $2.00, Extra Tofu $2.00/ Extra Rice $2.00

Yellow Curry 13.95

-Potatoes, carrots, and onion in Yellow curry sauce

Red Curry 13.95

- Bamboo shoots , carrots, bell pepper, basil in red curry sauce

Green Curry 13.95

- Eggplant, carrots, bell pepper, and basil in green curry sauce

Panang Curry 13.95

- Baby Corn , carrots, bell pepper, and basil in Panang curry sauce

Mussamun Curry 13.95

-Potaotes, carrots, and onion in red curry peanut sauce

Pineapple Curry 13.95

-Pineapple, green beans, carrots, bell pepper and basil in red curry sauce

Duck Curry 14.95

-Boneless duck(with skin), pineapple, green beans, bell pepper, tomatoes, carrot and basil in red curry sauce

Talay Curry 17.95

- Seafood in Green Curry sauce, bamboo shoot, carrot , bell pepper, zucchini and basil

Pumpkin Curry 13.95

- Pumpkin ,carrots, bell pepper, and basil in red curry sauce


Pineapple Fried Rice 13.95

- Stir-fried chicken and rice, yellow powder, onion, raisin , pineapple and cashew nuts

Thai Fried Rice 12.95

-Rice Stir-fried with egg, tomatoes, peas, carrots, onion, and your choice of meat

Kao Pad Kee Mao 12.95

- Rice stir-fried in chili basil sauce, bamboo shoot, carrot, onion, bell pepper with your choice of meat.

Duck Over Rice13.95

-Boneless duck(with skin) in duck sauce with bok choy

Golden Chicken Fried Rice 13.95

- Fried Rice served with crispy fried chicken and sweet sauce


Choice of meat served with a bowl of rice

Meat choice: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, (Shrimp$2.00 extra)

Extra vegetable $2.00/ Extra Tofu $2.00

Spicy Eggplant 13.95

 -Sauteed eggplant with chili basil sauce, carrot, bell pepper, onion and basil

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables 13.95

- Assorted mixed vegetables sauteed in garlic sauce

Ginger Sauteed 13.95

- Sliced ginger, baby Corn, onion, bell pepper, carrots and mushroom in garlic sauce

Pad Ka Paow 13.95

- Bamboo Shoots, carrots, onion, and bell pepper in chili basil sauce

Broccoli Oystere Sauce 13.95

- Broccooli, shiitake mushrooms and carrots in Oyster sauce

Thai Style Sweet and Sour 13.95

- Zucchini, pineapple, tomatoes, carrots , onion and bell pepper in sweet and sour sauce

Garlic and Pepper 13.95

- Bell pepper and carrots, tossed with garlic and black pepper, served over sliced cabbage

Pad Prik Khing 13.95

- Green beans, carrots, and bell pepper in red chilli paste and coconut milk sauce

Praram 13.95

-Curried peanut sauce over steamed spinach, bell pepper, onion, carrot

Cashew Nut Chicken 13.95

​- Chicken , cashew nuts, baby corn, onion, bell pepper, and mushroom in sweet and sour sauce


Panang Salmon 18.95

- Grilled Salmon over sauteed asparagus, spinach, bell pepper, and carrot with panang curry

Laab Kai 13.95

- Ground Chicken marinated in lime juice, roasted rice powder,mints and red onion served with cabbage

Spicy BBQ Duck 14.95

- Boneless Duck(with skin) sauteed in chili basil, green beans, carrots, onion, and fried basil

BBQ Chicken 14.95

- Half chicken marinated in yellow curry , served over sauteed vegetables with sweet and spicy sauce

Chu Chee Trout 15.95

- Deep Fried Boneless Trout with panang curry

Pad Ped Talay 18.95

- Sauteed Seafood in red chili paste, green beans, carrots, onion, and bell pepper

Catfish with Curry Sauce 15.95

- Deep fried Catfish fillet in panang curry with green beans, carrot and bell pepper and basil

Sweet and Sour Fish 15.95

- Deep Fried catfish fillet sauteed with pineapple, zucchini, bell pepper and carrot in homemade sweet and sour sauce

Rainbow Trout with Apple Relish 18.95

- Deep Fried trout served with apple relish


Rice 2.00/ Brown rice 3.00/ Sticky Rice 3.00

Peanut Sauce 2.00/ Cucumber salad 3.00/ Curry Sauce 3.00

Steamed Noodles 3.00/Steamed Vegetable 6.00